• Sunday Welcome Reception

    Sunday 10th July 2022 - 18:00-20:00
    Lyon Convention Centre

    Board members, faculty members, registered participants, sponsors and exhibitors: all attendees are invited to launch the WTC 2022 congress!
    During the cocktail, in a musical atmosphere created by the students of the Lyon Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse, attendees will be invited to practice tribology through traditional wood (tribo-)games.
    © CNSMD Lyon
  • Monday "Live Show"

    Monday 11th July 2022 - 18:30-19:15
    Lyon Convention Centre  
    « A nos vertiges » - Excerpt from a show by MPTA
    Emma and Corentin form a duet in a space of play in perpetual evolution. He is looking for the verticals that keep him upright and what is his relationship to a moving ground, an unstable earth. She, with the straps, tends to escape in the airs, to get drunk of spirals, of suspensions.

    From balance to imbalance, with ardor and elegance, they never cease to adapt their movements, to interact with this instability. Thus, they recompose places, space-time,...

    MPTA - A nos vertiges
    © Pierre Planchenault, Cie MPTA / Emma Verbeke et Corentin Diana
    ©Pierre Planchenault, Cie MPTA / Emma Verbeke et Corentin Diana
  • Conference Gala Dinner

    Wednesday 13th July 2022 - 19:30-22:00
    Lyon Convention Centre  
    Lyon, city of lights
    The cocktail and banquet are organised around the emblematic heritage of lights emerging in Lyon in 1852. The Festival of Lights in Lyon is an international event renowned for its temporary light installations during which the city is metamorphosed every years in December for four magnificent evenings. The banquet will also be an opportunity to enjoy the famous French cuisine.
     Registration fees: €100 / ticket (cf. registration to the congress)
    « Dentelles d’Echass » during the cocktail
    Straight out of their music box, the small lighted dolls take you into their universe of lace and gentleness. Enter this poetic world and let yourself be carried away by the finesse of these lace stilt-walkers.
    Dentelles d'Echass
    © Abrac’ Echass © Nicolas Rodet
    « Tweelux » during the dinner
    The dinner will be magnified by a performance created by Luxandco. A musical and visual game of lights on the dinner tables.

    © ISAIR Films - Baptiste Alès
    © Nicolas Rodet
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