• WTC 2022 Awards


    The nine finalists selected after the first round of the 3-minute thesis (3MT) contest will be invited to compete in the final round, in plenary session on Friday 15th July 2022. Their performances will be video recorded for future uploading on the conference website.
    The best and the second best candidates will be selected by a high-level international jury. They will receive their awards during the closing session of the conference, along with financial prizes.

    The Poster Awards are sponsored by external partners and by the scientific organization of WTC 2022.
    They will reward a combination of excellent research, innovation, and presentation.
    4 themes are proposed (1 price per theme):
    • Innovation : sponsored by Carnot I@L
    • Health: sponsored by Cisten
    • Energy and Transport: sponsored by Cetim
    • Sustainable development: sponsored by Journal Lubricant
    Young scientists can also compete for the best WTC 2022 Poster Award.

    How to apply for Poster Awards?
     To apply for the poster awards, poster presenters must not be over the age of 32 by the end of 2022.
     Apply for poster Awards when registering to the Congress

    Poster Awards Ceremony
     The amount of the award is €600 per prize.
     The awards ceremony will take place during the closing session on Friday afternoon 15th July 2022.
     The ceremony will be videotaped - upon acceptance of the candidates - and the film will be made available.

    More information about the Poster Sessions and instructions
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers Award


    Tribology Gold Medal Award (Serial 451) is funded from The Tribology Trust Fund and selected by the Tribology Trust Awards Committee, administered by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.
    The Tribology Gold Medal is awarded each year for some outstanding and supreme achievement in the field of tribology.
    It is considered the world’s premier award in tribology. Accordingly, the Committee collaborates with the International Tribology Council (ITC) Executive to ensure that all candidates have references and strong support from at least five eminent tribologists from different countries before their application is considered. Either the nominator or the seconder must be a member of the ITC Executive or a past Gold Medal award winner.

    The recipients of the Tribology Gold Medal 2020 and 2021, will receive their award during WTC 2022 Tribology Award Ceremony - Thursday 14th July 2022.
    2020 - Prof. Bharat Bhushan
    United States
    2019 - Prof. Jean-Michel Martin

     More details


    The International Award, which was established in 1948, is STLE's highest technical honor and bestows lifetime honorary membership on the recipient. It is given in recognition of the recipient's outstanding contributions in tribology, lubrication engineering or allied fields.

    Born in the UK, Nicholas Spencer studied at Cambridge University, obtaining his PhD in 1980 from the Department of Physical Chemistry in the area of gold and silver surface chemistry. He then spent two years at the University of California, Berkeley, where he investigated the catalysis of ammonia synthesis by iron single crystals. 
    From 1982 until 1993, he worked for W.R. Grace & Co., USA, in the areas of catalysis, high-​temperature superconductors, surface analysis, and vibrational spectroscopy. He was also active as an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland during this time.
    Nic was elected Full Professor of Surface Science and Technology at the ETH Zürich in 1993. From 1996-1998 and from 2002-2006 he served as Chair of the Department of Materials. He also was the first Director of the ETH Materials Research Center and was previously President of the ETH Research Commission. 
    The principal areas of his research are biocompatibility, tribology, and surface functionalization and analysis. Important surface-​analytical approaches used in his group include x-​ray photoelectron spectroscopy, the surface-​forces apparatus, atomic force microscopy, vibrational spectroscopy and several methods for the characterization of the liquid-​solid interface. 
    Nic is editor-in-chief of the STLE-affiliated journal "Tribology Letters", editor of an encyclopedia of physical chemistry and chemical physics, and a member of the editorial board of the journals "Tribology", "Tribology International", and "Lubrication Science". He is a Fellow of STLE and the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) and member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences. He received the Tribology Gold Medal in 2018.
    Dr. Nicholas (Nic) Spencer
    ETH Zürich (Switzerland)

  • ITC Award

    The Peter Jost Tribology Award, organized by the International Tribology Council (ITC), is intended to recognize “mid-career” tribologists who show great potential and have already demonstrated exceptional research accomplishment or technological innovation in the field of tribology. This award has been established to honor late Prof. H. Peter Jost whose tireless effort, dedication, and support were responsible for promoting a worldwide appreciation and expansion of tribology. Professor Jost was the founding father of modern-day tribology and the International Tribology Council, which is an umbrella organization for the world tribology community.
    The recipient of the Peter Jost Tribology Award 2021, will receive his award during WTC 2022 Tribology Award Ceremony - Thursday 14th July 2022.
    Prof. Daniele Dini
    Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
    "Interfacing Science through the Science of Interfaces: the Evergreen Attractiveness of Tribology"  
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