• Chair
     Ali ERDEMIR
     Ahmet ALPAS (Canada)
     Masjuki BI HASSAN (Malaysia)
     Fernando CHIÑAS-CASTILLO (Mexico)
     Enrico CIULLI (Italy)
     Jose DE MELLO (Brazil)
     Friedrich FRANEK (Austria)
     Irina GORYACHEVA (Russia)
     Kenneth HOLMBERG (Finland)
     Amaya IGARTUA (Spain)
     Staffan JACOBSON (Sweden)
     Said JAHANMIR (USA)
     Satish V KAILAS (India)
     Hakan KALELI (Turkey)
     Mitjian KALIN (Slovenia)
     Philippe KAPSA (France)
     Dae EUN KIM (Korea)
     Yoshitsugu KIMURA (Japan)
     Jianbin LUO (PR China)
     Nicolas MYSHKIN (Belarus)
     Mircea PASCOVICI (Romania)
     Matthias SCHERGE (Germany)
     Nic SPENCER (Switzerland)
     Gwidon STACKOWIAK (Australia)
     Patrick G SWAN (South Africa)
     Aleksandar VENCL (Serbia)
     Toshiaki WAKABAYASHI (JAST, Japan)
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    Local Organisation
    LaMCoS - INSA
    LTDS - Ecole Centrale de Lyon
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